Selling Your Home in Spring 2015? Start Preparing Now!

By  Hersh Condos Inc | 

It's a bit challenging to think "spring" when the snow is swirling and the icicles are forming, but if have plans to list your home in 2015 during real estate's spring season, it's a smart idea to begin preparations now.

Though it may seem a bit premature, the goal is to alleviate some of the stress that comes with selling your house. By starting during the winter months with a few of the bigger tasks, you can breath easy come springtime when your realtor begins preparations.

Wondering where to start? Think of what buyers will be looking for. There are some improvements that may cost a few thousand dollars but are almost guaranteed to increase the value of your home, thus providing a return on your investment. These include projects like replacing old, worn-out carpet, updating a dingy bathroom or finishing your basement.

If you're not interested in undertaking any major overhauls, there are a number of smaller projects you can take on during the winter to get your home in tip-top shape for a spring sale.

Painting - For the few hundred dollars you will spend on supplies, it's incredible the impact a freshly painted house has on potential buyers. Stick to a neutral palette to appeal to the masses and be sure to repair walls first and paint high traffic areas like the front entry, kitchen and great room.

Declutter and start packing - If you know that you will be moving in the spring, start packing away summer items. If it's an option, consider storing belongings off-site, perhaps at a storage locker or relative's home. Pack up kids bicycles, sporting equipment, summer clothing, gardening materials and tools, etc.

Get a home inspection or appraisal - Normally it's the buyer who sets up and pays for a home inspection. But if you want to stay one step ahead of the competition in a hot spring market, home improvement guru Mike Holmes recommends that sellers get a home inspection done before listing their home. This way the seller will learn of any issues and fix them before a buyer finds out about them. Sellers should display the home inspection report during showings and open houses so that potential buyers can see that one has been completed and no major issues were found.